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同時性 シンクロしてますね。

 Some of the features include:
   * Completely Unobtrusive Javascript.
   * Liquid View, works with pretty much any screen resolution.
   * Ajax ‘quick’ editing.
   * File Management and multiple zip download.
   * Information Overlay.
   * Tags & Tag Clouds.
   * Theme system, built on Typo’s (so you can use the same templates).
   * RSS and Atom Syndication.
   * User Management.
   * Supports Markdown (Bluecloth) and Textile (Redcloth).
   * Web Stats and Hit Counter.
   * Ajax Previews & Instant page and tag Search.
   * Search.
   * Google Sitemap generation.
   * View/Download Logs.
   * Api
   * Pdf Generation
   * Export into yalm, xml and excel. Inport into yalm.
   * Spell Checker

RailsCMS プロダクツが、ボコボコに出てくることを予言しておきましょう^^